What is NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming

neurolinguistic programming-NLP

What is NLP (neurolinguistic programming) – NLP was developed in the early years of 70’s, by Richard Brander and John Grinder, when they were researching the secrets behind the successful people in the field of human communication. As the name of the technique NLP suggests that there is a link between these techniques with the human brain-in actually NLP is all about re-wiring of your brain’s neurons or human nervous system. Our brain gets input from five senses and as per the inputs neurons make new connections among them to build a person belief system. The research shows us that every human action much depended on how the thinks and believe about him and the others-and this belief system is rooted inside the brain as a networks of billions of neurons.

If anyone wants to change his or her life for betterment then he must put some efforts. This extra effort comes as a motivation from the brain, in case your neurons are not programmed for generating the positive vibes then you are never going to make any change in your life and here comes the place of NLP. By proper use and practice of NLP as a linguistic tool to re-program you brain you can have all the necessary positive attitude and confidence to have anything you want.

The fundamentals of NLP are:

  • At first know exactly what are you looking for in life or set your goal.
  • Make a balance or harmony between the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Understand if you are achieving your goals or where are your current positions in achieving it.
  • Make re-adjustment of your goals to accelerate the goal achievement process.
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