Tom and Jerry Cartoons

tom and jerry cartoons

It is rare to find a single person who watched the iconic cartoon series Tom and Jerry and did not fall in love with both of these two lovely cartoon characters. The original creator of Tom and Jerry, William Hanna and Joseph Barbara, created one hundred and fourteen episodes of this cartoon for MGM studio, during the period of 1940 to 1957. During that period Tom and Jerry TV shows received numerous awards and recognitions including seven academic awards in the category of animated film.

I was wondering about the popularity and timelessness of these two cartoons characters. What is so special about a simple house cat and a mouse, which always fight and chase each other-those rarely Jerry get the chance to chase Tom cat. In this cartoon series Tom-the cat- thinks of himself very smart and loyal cat to his master and for this reason always try to keep the household food safe from Jerry mouse. No matter how much powerful and intelligent cat Tom is, he always is outwitted by Jerry’s tricks and dodges while Tom tries to catch Jerry.  In this cartoon series I found that Jerry never speak a word, believe in action. On the other hand Tom is very social and even interested in girls and at times when he get the opportunity he tries to impress his female counterpart and most of the time he fails to do so due to Jerry’s  smart move.

Normally, we know that cat loves to eat mouse, but in this cartoon, Tom never tries to eat Jerry. In return, Jerry also never takes any step to kill Tom. This cartoon is express love and hate relationship between two hostile household species, and this reminds that both love and hate is part of our life-which we can never deny. No matter how much one hate the other’s action, he should not do serious harm to his enemies.

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