How to Write Effectively for Webpages?

how to write for webpage

Writing or presenting information for your visitors on WebPages is a great art that I still need to master on. So far, I learned only a few steps that are essential points to make your online writing attractive. A few simple steps for making an attractive writing are:

  • Always keep your post page color white. Avoid posting your contents on dark background
  • Use as much white space as possible
  • Try to express your thoughts in smaller paragraphs
  • Use sub-headings or sub-titles
  • Your writing should be easily readable, so try to use Arial, Verdana or Georgia as your text font.
  • Use picture with your post
  • Avoid using passive verbs.
  • Write as if you are directly talking to your readers and try to use examples or illustrations. If you can explain a complex idea with a simple story, your visitor will find it interesting and useful.
  • Use the word “You”. Avoid writing about yourself
  • Never use big block of texts. But you can use bold text in sub-title and in some portion of your paragraph to highlight useful ideas or keywords.
  • Don’t forget to check the spelling mistakes
  • Always write about the benefits of a product, not the functions and features of a product. However, if you think there is any outstanding feature then mention it on your writing.
  • Use bullets, numbers or box to highlight some important facts about your product or the main theme of your article.
  • At the end of your writing, edit your work so as what you are trying to explain in your article looks simple and brief.

Writing online is fan and most important thing is that normal people love to read useful information with plain language so as they can make out the purpose and benefit of your product or anything that you are trying to say in your article.

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