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Book Reading: Online Vs Offline

online book reading

After the advent of online books, many people are reading books in Internet for free.At the same publishing industry is facing low sales on their books sales. Many publishing experts even concerned with the future of the paper book publishing industry. In fact, online book reading has many readers to buy paper books and also helped people to develop book reading habits.
No matter how much you love to read books or articles online, there is always a charm of reading paper books. Think about reading a Dan Brown thriller during your holidays and submerging yourself completely with the characters and exciting situations, lying on your couch. The kind of easiness and comfort a paper book can give you that are not found in online reading. However, I must admit that you will find many interesting and useful articles online, but to learn anything with heart I love to opt for paper books. I still remember that in my school days I used to look forward to smell the new books of new classes.

To me the reading of a paper book is more pleasing and comfortable for my eyes and I do not have to wait for the next page to download. Moreover, sometimes due to browser problem some WebPages get hanged and make online reading less pleasant. But with the availability of Kindle, online book reading has shifted towards a new altitude and with the growing popularity of Kindle we see a new wave of book lovers getting more interested in reading books-certainly this is a great sign for all the writers, let it be online or offline.

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