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Tom and Jerry Pictures

This is a slide show of my favorite cartoon Tom and Jerry. No matter how older I am getting, my bonding with Tom and Jerry seems to be as young as it was when I was in my early days of school. I think some characters or some special person remains or occupy the evergreen place of our mind.Yes, the evergreen place. Perhpahs, there is a space in our mind to fit something with the evergreen tag. Hope you will enjoy Tom and Jerry pics in the post, though picture qualities are not that good, yet its a good way to recall my school days when I used to wish for Jerry to win over Tom 🙂

Internet Evolution

In networking a set of devices get connected via some kind of media (wireless of wired) in order to share information. The media connecting the communication devices often called link or channel. Internet in fact is a network of networks- numerous numbers of networks owned by many people and countries getting connected together have caused the evolution of Internet. The entire Internet including each individual networks works under TCP/IP which is the common language/protocol in the networking works. It does not matter if you are sending email, downloading files or streaming video all the data need to be passed as IP packets. Depending on the location of the networks and its connectivity there can be several types of networks –LAN, MAN, WAN. The major networking devices are- routers, switches, firewall.
A brief history of internet.

  • 1968-US defense research agency made ARPAnet-the first internet
  • 1970-five location became under one network(in USA)
  • 1974- Vint Cerf made the specification of TCP/IP
  • 1984-  By January 1st of 1984 only 1000 hosts were connected under TCP/IP
  • 1989- WWW was created.
  • 1995- E-commerce began its first journey.

What is Law of Attraction

law of attraction

What is Law of Attraction– Law of attraction is not any science it is based on the belief of positive think and the power of drawing favorable situation with the use of affirmation and visualization. Since this is not a science there are many debates about the effectiveness of its real existence. But the recent experiments on a group of patients has shown some significant level of positive result of the use of power of positivity and some claim that LOA is the oldest law of the nature– many of the powerful person and leaders were aware of the existence of this force.

The main belief in LOA is that the universe responds to your wishes- universe is full of resource and never falls short of providing resources when anyone truly asks for it. But asking is not the all, if you ask the universe for something and wait-nothing is going to come in your life. Most important think you must follow is to belief that that your wish list is on your way and tries to feel in advance that already your goal has been achieved. And you must hold on to the positive feeling of achieving your goal in your mind as frequently as a day you can-the more often you are capable of holding to the thoughts of positive feeling the more quickly your goal likely to come into you- really sounds amazing. But holding on to the positive thoughts is not that simple; at first you need to fix your mind that you believe in LOA and then start learning how to get rid of the negative thoughts-this way certainly you will reach your destination.

If you are still interested to learn some interesting methods of LOA, take a look at : law of attraction basics

What is Personal Development & Why?

What is personal development– personal development means develop your skill level in all aspects as a human so as you can interact with others with more ease and achieve your goals more easily and effectively. In the way to personal development you need to use many tools and one important of all is self-confidence and motivation.
Self-confidence does not come from what others think about you-it is all about what you make of you. If you are comfortable with you and with your self-belief then nothing can be obstacle in your path of self-development. To become self-confident you must be able to put aside your doubts of being unsuccessful; try to think if one can be successful been in less privileged position why not you- to fill this gap of disbelief of self-confidence you need personal development plan. Personal development is one of the most important ingredients in the path of success and one can develop himself by learning proper personal development techniques. it is not only useful for you but others as well. Think about if you learn how to respect others opinion and how to work together as a team then not only you but your teammates/colleagues will be benefited as well. To develop self-confidence takes the following steps:

  • Build your confidence by thinking positive about you.
  • Try to identify and overcome your shortcomings.
  • Make a suitable plan to meet your goal and success.
  • Stick to your obligations and responsibilities.
  • Try to be committed and show consistency and persistence while following the plan of success.

What is NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming

neurolinguistic programming-NLP

What is NLP (neurolinguistic programming) – NLP was developed in the early years of 70’s, by Richard Brander and John Grinder, when they were researching the secrets behind the successful people in the field of human communication. As the name of the technique NLP suggests that there is a link between these techniques with the human brain-in actually NLP is all about re-wiring of your brain’s neurons or human nervous system. Our brain gets input from five senses and as per the inputs neurons make new connections among them to build a person belief system. The research shows us that every human action much depended on how the thinks and believe about him and the others-and this belief system is rooted inside the brain as a networks of billions of neurons.

If anyone wants to change his or her life for betterment then he must put some efforts. This extra effort comes as a motivation from the brain, in case your neurons are not programmed for generating the positive vibes then you are never going to make any change in your life and here comes the place of NLP. By proper use and practice of NLP as a linguistic tool to re-program you brain you can have all the necessary positive attitude and confidence to have anything you want.

The fundamentals of NLP are:

  • At first know exactly what are you looking for in life or set your goal.
  • Make a balance or harmony between the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Understand if you are achieving your goals or where are your current positions in achieving it.
  • Make re-adjustment of your goals to accelerate the goal achievement process.

Stephen King Biography

stephen king

Stephen King Biography shows how Inspiration is Essential in a Writer’s Life

In 1947, the second child of Donald King was born in Portland, who later became the world’s most prolific writer of this century. Soon after his birth his parents got separated, their mother Nellie Ruth brought up both Stephen King and his elder brother. At the age of eleven, Stephen moved to Durham, Maine, where he used to live in a nice little small house with financial support from his other family members.

Like many other writer, Stephen king’s graduation is related to English literature. In 1970, he graduated in English from University of Maine. During this university days he showed some great signs in writings, and even joined Burton Hatlen’s writing workshop. Stephen sold his first ever story, a short story, “The Glass Floor” in 1967 and this was the begging of his writing era. In 1971, King got married with Tabitha Spruce, a student of Univ. of Maine. In that year, he got a job of a teacher in Hamden Academy, Maine. While continuing his teaching profession, he kept publishing his stories in local magazines of Maine.

Stephen’s first success as a writer did not come until 1973, when his novel ‘Carrie ‘was selected by Doubleday publishing house. Interestingly, the plot of Carrie seemed to be childish to Stephen at first when he was thinking to write this novel, with the encouragement from his wife he decided to write it and make a major breakthrough as a writer. Thought he could not make much from advance payment for that novel, eventually when Carrie became a hit, it earned him over $400,000. After the success of Carrie, Stephen King was a not only a household name of the USA, but getting recognition, as a genius of suspense, around the world.

This is a just a summary of Stephen King’s bio. Think if he did not publish his get support of his wife for the plot of this first novel Carrie, could he be today’ Stephen King- maybe or maybe not!

Stephen King and J.K. Rowling

Dan Brown-Best Selling Thriller-Fiction Writer of all Time

Dan Brown

Dan Brown, widely known for his bestselling “The Vinci Code” is one of the finest thriller fiction writers of our times, probably will be in the list of the entire best author list. He was born in 22ndJune 1964. He grew up in Exeter and studied in Exeter academy school. After schooling Brown graduated from Amherst College in Spanish & English in 1986. In his early life, he used to teacher in Spanish in Beverly Hills Preparatory School.

Brown’s inspiration of becoming a writer is quite interesting. He never thought that he could be a write and definitely even not dreamed that he could be as accomplished as he is today. In 1994, while traveling in Tahiti, he bought Sidney Sheldon’s book –“Doomsday Conspiracy”- and started to believe that it is not that hard to write any thriller fiction. And this was the beginning of a bestselling writer. Finally, in 1998 he published his first thriller “Digital Fortress”.

His most famous and bestselling book-The Da Vinci Code– was published March 3rd , 2003 and sold over 6,000 at the very same day of publishing and was also rated as New York Times Best Seller. This thriller based novel is still the fastest selling novel with more the record sales of 40 million. Copies. This huge sales margin earned brown almost 140 million British Pounds by the end of 2006! Also he got a deal with Columbia picture for the film version of Da Vinci Code, starred by pioneer Hollywood acting genius Tom Hanks play the lead of Robert Langdon-this film was directed by Ron Howard.

Best Selling Books of all Time

best selling books

Interestingly the bestselling book of the world in not any popular novel. The Bible, a religious holy book , almost 2000 years old, with sales volume approximately 2.5 billion to 6 billion- is holding the position of the bestselling book with a mammoth margin with the second highest sold books-the Little Red Book- quotations from chairman Mao, sold over 800 millions. The third highest sold book is “The Quran”, sold almost 800 million copies.  “Xinhua Dictionary”, a Chinese dictionary, is the number four in the list of best selling books, with sales of 400 million. The next best selling is another Chinese book called “Chairman Mao’s Poems” by Mao Zedong, sold approximately 400 million, followed by another Mao Zedong book “Chairman Mao’s Poems”. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, written of 1859, is the seventh bestselling books of our planet with over 200 million sales world-wide.

It is not difficult to understand why there are several number of Chinese books topping the list of best selling books of all time-they have on fifth of the world population.Yet, if population is an important parameter and deciding factor for best selling books, then there should be many Indian authors’ books in the top 10 best seller list, since population wise India is also comparable to Chinese. The trend of the kind of books remain best seller will change over time, who knows in the next decade you book may become the top 10 best seller of all time-who knows!

Do you think that law of attraction actually works?

Many people believe that law of attraction is one of the oldest law in our universe that is governing our daily life and manifesting what we actually want in life.The main idea of this LOA is that people get what they actually want or focus on.Or in simple form law of attraction makes your thinking your reality.I have asked a question in hubapges about how they feel about law of attraction and I got some real interesting reply that suggests LOA has a special meaning to many among our friends.

What People Think about Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction Affirmation and Reality

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