Internet Evolution

In networking a set of devices get connected via some kind of media (wireless of wired) in order to share information. The media connecting the communication devices often called link or channel. Internet in fact is a network of networks- numerous numbers of networks owned by many people and countries getting connected together have caused the evolution of Internet. The entire Internet including each individual networks works under TCP/IP which is the common language/protocol in the networking works. It does not matter if you are sending email, downloading files or streaming video all the data need to be passed as IP packets. Depending on the location of the networks and its connectivity there can be several types of networks –LAN, MAN, WAN. The major networking devices are- routers, switches, firewall.
A brief history of internet.

  • 1968-US defense research agency made ARPAnet-the first internet
  • 1970-five location became under one network(in USA)
  • 1974- Vint Cerf made the specification of TCP/IP
  • 1984-  By January 1st of 1984 only 1000 hosts were connected under TCP/IP
  • 1989- WWW was created.
  • 1995- E-commerce began its first journey.
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