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Stephen King Biography shows how Inspiration is Essential in a Writer’s Life

In 1947, the second child of Donald King was born in Portland, who later became the world’s most prolific writer of this century. Soon after his birth his parents got separated, their mother Nellie Ruth brought up both Stephen King and his elder brother. At the age of eleven, Stephen moved to Durham, Maine, where he used to live in a nice little small house with financial support from his other family members.

Like many other writer, Stephen king’s graduation is related to English literature. In 1970, he graduated in English from University of Maine. During this university days he showed some great signs in writings, and even joined Burton Hatlen’s writing workshop. Stephen sold his first ever story, a short story, “The Glass Floor” in 1967 and this was the begging of his writing era. In 1971, King got married with Tabitha Spruce, a student of Univ. of Maine. In that year, he got a job of a teacher in Hamden Academy, Maine. While continuing his teaching profession, he kept publishing his stories in local magazines of Maine.

Stephen’s first success as a writer did not come until 1973, when his novel ‘Carrie ‘was selected by Doubleday publishing house. Interestingly, the plot of Carrie seemed to be childish to Stephen at first when he was thinking to write this novel, with the encouragement from his wife he decided to write it and make a major breakthrough as a writer. Thought he could not make much from advance payment for that novel, eventually when Carrie became a hit, it earned him over $400,000. After the success of Carrie, Stephen King was a not only a household name of the USA, but getting recognition, as a genius of suspense, around the world.

This is a just a summary of Stephen King’s bio. Think if he did not publish his get support of his wife for the plot of this first novel Carrie, could he be today’ Stephen King- maybe or maybe not!

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