Best Selling Books of all Time

best selling books

Interestingly the bestselling book of the world in not any popular novel. The Bible, a religious holy book , almost 2000 years old, with sales volume approximately 2.5 billion to 6 billion- is holding the position of the bestselling book with a mammoth margin with the second highest sold books-the Little Red Book- quotations from chairman Mao, sold over 800 millions. The third highest sold book is “The Quran”, sold almost 800 million copies.  “Xinhua Dictionary”, a Chinese dictionary, is the number four in the list of best selling books, with sales of 400 million. The next best selling is another Chinese book called “Chairman Mao’s Poems” by Mao Zedong, sold approximately 400 million, followed by another Mao Zedong book “Chairman Mao’s Poems”. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, written of 1859, is the seventh bestselling books of our planet with over 200 million sales world-wide.

It is not difficult to understand why there are several number of Chinese books topping the list of best selling books of all time-they have on fifth of the world population.Yet, if population is an important parameter and deciding factor for best selling books, then there should be many Indian authors’ books in the top 10 best seller list, since population wise India is also comparable to Chinese. The trend of the kind of books remain best seller will change over time, who knows in the next decade you book may become the top 10 best seller of all time-who knows!

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