Tom and Jerry Cartoons

tom and jerry cartoons

It is rare to find a single person who watched the iconic cartoon series Tom and Jerry and did not fall in love with both of these two lovely cartoon characters. The original creator of Tom and Jerry, William Hanna and Joseph Barbara, created one hundred and fourteen episodes of this cartoon for MGM studio, during the period of 1940 to 1957. During that period Tom and Jerry TV shows received numerous awards and recognitions including seven academic awards in the category of animated film.

I was wondering about the popularity and timelessness of these two cartoons characters. What is so special about a simple house cat and a mouse, which always fight and chase each other-those rarely Jerry get the chance to chase Tom cat. In this cartoon series Tom-the cat- thinks of himself very smart and loyal cat to his master and for this reason always try to keep the household food safe from Jerry mouse. No matter how much powerful and intelligent cat Tom is, he always is outwitted by Jerry’s tricks and dodges while Tom tries to catch Jerry.  In this cartoon series I found that Jerry never speak a word, believe in action. On the other hand Tom is very social and even interested in girls and at times when he get the opportunity he tries to impress his female counterpart and most of the time he fails to do so due to Jerry’s  smart move.

Normally, we know that cat loves to eat mouse, but in this cartoon, Tom never tries to eat Jerry. In return, Jerry also never takes any step to kill Tom. This cartoon is express love and hate relationship between two hostile household species, and this reminds that both love and hate is part of our life-which we can never deny. No matter how much one hate the other’s action, he should not do serious harm to his enemies.

To become virtual Tom and Jerry kids love to play games being one of these two characters. There are many games version of Tom and Jerry and if you are looking for such games, then you can take a look at the top 10 Tom and Jerry games.

If you love online games then you can find some free online games in carton network. To learn more you can check out the cartoon network games review site.

How to Publish Your Book-Take 3 Easy Steps

how to publish your book

The first step of becoming a good writer is reading books on regular basis. You need to make a plan on how many books you are going to finish within a month-ideally 3 to 4 books will do. Now, you may ask me what you should really read for improving your writing skills. There is no hard and fast rule about what exactly you should and shouldn’t read-but you must read as much contemporary writings as possible, especially try to read books from your areas of interest on which planning to write your book. You also may consider reading foreign language books. Read as much as possible, and do not discriminate any topic. Whatever you find interesting can give you lots of writing ideas for your books.

Secondly, try to realize your values. Find you why you choose to become a writer. Do you want money, fame or just for personal satisfaction you want to write a book. And most importantly, what kind of book you want to write. Does it really match to your real strength of writing-do you have keen interest in the subject you plan to publish a book on. Be honest and write what you like the most-your potential will be rewarded sooner or later.

Lastly, you need to learn how the publishing industry works. If you have enough time do some volunteer work like reading for a few publishers. You also can meet experts in the publishing industry. Even doing job in a publishing company or in a bookstore sometimes helps a lot to learn the insight of the publishing world.

How to Write Effectively for Webpages?

how to write for webpage

Writing or presenting information for your visitors on WebPages is a great art that I still need to master on. So far, I learned only a few steps that are essential points to make your online writing attractive. A few simple steps for making an attractive writing are:

  • Always keep your post page color white. Avoid posting your contents on dark background
  • Use as much white space as possible
  • Try to express your thoughts in smaller paragraphs
  • Use sub-headings or sub-titles
  • Your writing should be easily readable, so try to use Arial, Verdana or Georgia as your text font.
  • Use picture with your post
  • Avoid using passive verbs.
  • Write as if you are directly talking to your readers and try to use examples or illustrations. If you can explain a complex idea with a simple story, your visitor will find it interesting and useful.
  • Use the word “You”. Avoid writing about yourself
  • Never use big block of texts. But you can use bold text in sub-title and in some portion of your paragraph to highlight useful ideas or keywords.
  • Don’t forget to check the spelling mistakes
  • Always write about the benefits of a product, not the functions and features of a product. However, if you think there is any outstanding feature then mention it on your writing.
  • Use bullets, numbers or box to highlight some important facts about your product or the main theme of your article.
  • At the end of your writing, edit your work so as what you are trying to explain in your article looks simple and brief.

Writing online is fan and most important thing is that normal people love to read useful information with plain language so as they can make out the purpose and benefit of your product or anything that you are trying to say in your article.

Famous Love Quotes

A collection of inspirational love quotes with slide show

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Top 10 Expensive Cars in the World 2010

most expensive car of the world

Though everyone does not like to own the most expensive car of the world, yet the news of top 10 expensive car is always a big new.This year’s, 2010, most expensive car is little over 2 million USD. By spending 2 million dollars a year you can save the life of thousands of kids dying every year due to pretty much curable disease like Malaria.  I have included a latest post about this years most expensive cars.Have fun!!

Book Reading: Online Vs Offline

online book reading

After the advent of online books, many people are reading books in Internet for free.At the same publishing industry is facing low sales on their books sales. Many publishing experts even concerned with the future of the paper book publishing industry. In fact, online book reading has many readers to buy paper books and also helped people to develop book reading habits.
No matter how much you love to read books or articles online, there is always a charm of reading paper books. Think about reading a Dan Brown thriller during your holidays and submerging yourself completely with the characters and exciting situations, lying on your couch. The kind of easiness and comfort a paper book can give you that are not found in online reading. However, I must admit that you will find many interesting and useful articles online, but to learn anything with heart I love to opt for paper books. I still remember that in my school days I used to look forward to smell the new books of new classes.

To me the reading of a paper book is more pleasing and comfortable for my eyes and I do not have to wait for the next page to download. Moreover, sometimes due to browser problem some WebPages get hanged and make online reading less pleasant. But with the availability of Kindle, online book reading has shifted towards a new altitude and with the growing popularity of Kindle we see a new wave of book lovers getting more interested in reading books-certainly this is a great sign for all the writers, let it be online or offline.

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