What is Law of Attraction

law of attraction

What is Law of Attraction– Law of attraction is not any science it is based on the belief of positive think and the power of drawing favorable situation with the use of affirmation and visualization. Since this is not a science there are many debates about the effectiveness of its real existence. But the recent experiments on a group of patients has shown some significant level of positive result of the use of power of positivity and some claim that LOA is the oldest law of the nature– many of the powerful person and leaders were aware of the existence of this force.

The main belief in LOA is that the universe responds to your wishes- universe is full of resource and never falls short of providing resources when anyone truly asks for it. But asking is not the all, if you ask the universe for something and wait-nothing is going to come in your life. Most important think you must follow is to belief that that your wish list is on your way and tries to feel in advance that already your goal has been achieved. And you must hold on to the positive feeling of achieving your goal in your mind as frequently as a day you can-the more often you are capable of holding to the thoughts of positive feeling the more quickly your goal likely to come into you- really sounds amazing. But holding on to the positive thoughts is not that simple; at first you need to fix your mind that you believe in LOA and then start learning how to get rid of the negative thoughts-this way certainly you will reach your destination.

If you are still interested to learn some interesting methods of LOA, take a look at : law of attraction basics

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