Dan Brown-Best Selling Thriller-Fiction Writer of all Time

Dan Brown

Dan Brown, widely known for his bestselling “The Vinci Code” is one of the finest thriller fiction writers of our times, probably will be in the list of the entire best author list. He was born in 22ndJune 1964. He grew up in Exeter and studied in Exeter academy school. After schooling Brown graduated from Amherst College in Spanish & English in 1986. In his early life, he used to teacher in Spanish in Beverly Hills Preparatory School.

Brown’s inspiration of becoming a writer is quite interesting. He never thought that he could be a write and definitely even not dreamed that he could be as accomplished as he is today. In 1994, while traveling in Tahiti, he bought Sidney Sheldon’s book –“Doomsday Conspiracy”- and started to believe that it is not that hard to write any thriller fiction. And this was the beginning of a bestselling writer. Finally, in 1998 he published his first thriller “Digital Fortress”.

His most famous and bestselling book-The Da Vinci Code– was published March 3rd , 2003 and sold over 6,000 at the very same day of publishing and was also rated as New York Times Best Seller. This thriller based novel is still the fastest selling novel with more the record sales of 40 million. Copies. This huge sales margin earned brown almost 140 million British Pounds by the end of 2006! Also he got a deal with Columbia picture for the film version of Da Vinci Code, starred by pioneer Hollywood acting genius Tom Hanks play the lead of Robert Langdon-this film was directed by Ron Howard.

One Response to Dan Brown-Best Selling Thriller-Fiction Writer of all Time

  1. Gigi Garibay says:

    Dear Dan,
    I ave all of your books and was wondering if you could tell me how to get bookplates for them. I loved all your books. They are great.

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