Do you think that law of attraction actually works?

Many people believe that law of attraction is one of the oldest law in our universe that is governing our daily life and manifesting what we actually want in life.The main idea of this LOA is that people get what they actually want or focus on.Or in simple form law of attraction makes your thinking your reality.I have asked a question in hubapges about how they feel about law of attraction and I got some real interesting reply that suggests LOA has a special meaning to many among our friends.

What People Think about Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction Affirmation and Reality

3 Responses to Do you think that law of attraction actually works?

  1. Nicola says:

    I believe in the LOA simply because I’ve experienced it happen in my own life. It requires focus and patience, an open mind and heart without intention other than to align oneself with one’s desired destiny (a whole other topic). Of course, I have to say that – yes – I also believe in free will.

    And . . . if I find myself focusing on expectations in my own time frame and limits then nothing manifests!

    I will say that the manifestation part of the process appears to “appear” moments after I want to give up believing!

    • andromida says:

      That is very interesting point.There is something that responds to us in the end.So far I find that your every dream will come true;we just need to allow enough time and never lose the hope and of course I must not forget about the continuous effort that is the essential part of doing anything in life.Thanks a lot.

  2. lostonthebeltway says:

    I actually have exeperienced it in my own life too. I had no savings, a low-paying job and wanted to move out of state. I believed (and acted on the fact that I could) move out of state, find a job quickly, with enough money to get by in the mean time. It all came true</a.

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