How to Publish Your Book-Take 3 Easy Steps

how to publish your book

The first step of becoming a good writer is reading books on regular basis. You need to make a plan on how many books you are going to finish within a month-ideally 3 to 4 books will do. Now, you may ask me what you should really read for improving your writing skills. There is no hard and fast rule about what exactly you should and shouldn’t read-but you must read as much contemporary writings as possible, especially try to read books from your areas of interest on which planning to write your book. You also may consider reading foreign language books. Read as much as possible, and do not discriminate any topic. Whatever you find interesting can give you lots of writing ideas for your books.

Secondly, try to realize your values. Find you why you choose to become a writer. Do you want money, fame or just for personal satisfaction you want to write a book. And most importantly, what kind of book you want to write. Does it really match to your real strength of writing-do you have keen interest in the subject you plan to publish a book on. Be honest and write what you like the most-your potential will be rewarded sooner or later.

Lastly, you need to learn how the publishing industry works. If you have enough time do some volunteer work like reading for a few publishers. You also can meet experts in the publishing industry. Even doing job in a publishing company or in a bookstore sometimes helps a lot to learn the insight of the publishing world.

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